BABY MILO®, one of BAPE®'s representative icons, BE@RBRICK, a bear-shaped block type figure that is a masterpiece of "Medicom Toy", and the outstanding furniture craftsmanship of "Karimoku" have come cross for a limited edition 400% size (approximately 280mm in height) wooden “BE@RBRICK Karimoku BABY MILO® HORIZON”.
This model expresses the exquisite beauty of wood and is handmade one by one, not surprisingly would become fans’ coveted product, will be available from Saturday, August 6, 2022 at UK.BAPE.COM and BAPE STORE® LONDON.
(Approx. height 280mm)
In 2001, when the world-famous teddy bear celebrated its 100th anniversary, the concept of creating a teddy bear with a digital image was born. It is characterized by its design using only the technique of printing, without adding anything other than the nine basic parts that make up the main body. Since its birth, BE@RBRICK has collaborated with numerous domestic and international artists, brands, television, anime, movies, and companies. As such, it has won many fans around the world.
A woodworking shop founded in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture in 1940 by a lumber shop that has been around since the Edo period. That is the root of the Karimoku Group. Initially, the company started out as a subcontractor for wooden parts used in spinning machines, sewing machine tables, musical instruments, TV stands with legs, etc., and accumulated wood processing technology. In the 1960s, KARIMOKU launched original brand furniture into the world. Since then, as the top manufacturer in the wooden furniture industry in Japan, KARIMOKU have continued to manufacture furniture in Japan with a focus on safety and security, upholding the principle of "quality first."


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