BAPY® Spring/Summer 2022 Collection drew its inspiration from Arles, a city located by the Rhô ne River in Southern France with beautiful relics from Roman times and a rich art and cultural history. Under the theme “A Day in Arles”, the collection takes us on a tour of the city through the artist's lens, exploring different monuments encompassing the Roman Empire's grandeur, followed by a peaceful rest on the green fields along the Rhô ne River. Immerse yourself in history and arts with a day in Arles.
The collection’s flowy sundress accentuated with floral patterns, one-piece dress showcasing a mix of different checks, and sharp white shirt with a wide and bold Dutch ruff all radiates the warm sweetness of youth. At the same time, the hand-knitted, geometric-patterned handbag and top, pastel-coloured windbreaker and laced cargo pants embodies the ease and comfort of a vacation. The collection features sun-faded palettes such as taupe, avocado green, peacock blue, coral pink and creamy yellow to channel the Parisian elegance while adding an extra spark of vibrancy.
BAPY® is going to launch the first BAPE STA™ sneakers and BAPE® SK8 STA sneakers in Spring/Summer 2022 collection. Sand-tone colour mixing with mint green creates a perfect match for the adventure-loving BAPY® girls.
BAPY® Spring/Summer 2022 Collection is available at BAPE STORE® LONDON and UK.BAPE.COM starting 18 Jan, don’t miss out.