APEE Has Got You and the BFF Sorted for Spring and Summer
With open arms, APEE welcomes us back to spring. After setting fashion trends for young women with its launch in spring and summer last year, the girl-focused brand from A BATHING APE® is coming in hot for 2022 with the perfect blend of sweet and sexy. If you and your squad need a new uniform for the warmer seasons, the BFFS AESTHETIC theme of this collection allows you to create that cohesive look with your girlfriends. The invitation from APEE is to come out and play with this collection. The iconic heart-shaped logo makes an appearance alongside new fun and colourful print patterns, including cute strawberries and fresh florals. There’s a youthful and playful energy permeating the entire collection, brought out through candy tones and freeing design elements such as straps. Fans of the brand will be glad to know that the collection continues to deliver shorts that accentuate the waist and highlight just the right curves on the body. These are paired with loose casual sweaters and other sporty elements to give an active but comfortable vibe. The materials offer a soft, lazy feel while the design keeps you and your BFF feeling cute and fresh, like a balmy spring breeze.
APEE by A BATHING APE collection will be available at BAPE STORE® LONDON and online from MAR 19, 2022.